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Black Panther Mask - Real-Time

After being inspired by the Black Panther movie, I decided to create this mask to experiment with Substance Painter. My goal was to keep the model's geometry as simple as possible, and use the textures to push it as far as I could. This project was a great opportunity to really learn what Substance Painter has to offer.

Software Used:   Zbrush   |   Maya   |   Substance Painter   |   Photoshop   |   xNormal   |   Marmoset Toolbag

Jericho 941 - Real-Time

With this project I wanted to revisit an old project of mine. Returning to this project, I was happy with the overall shape of my original model, but there were some issues I wanted to address. I decided to retopologize the model to give the curves and some of the more detailed areas the polygon count they needed. I also wanted to remake the materials for the model, this time using the more modern PBR workflow that I now use in creating all my materials.

Software Used:   Maya   |   Substance Painter   |   Photoshop   |   xNormal   |   Marmoset Toolbag

Spider Gwen Figurine

With this project I wanted to create a 3D printable figurine. Because of this, my goal with the sculpt was to give all the important details depth in the model to make the figure easier to paint after being printed. This was my first experience with creating a model for printing, so I learned a lot about what worked and what didn't work. For instance, many of the finer details on the high poly model needed to be adjusted in order to make them more prominent at the small scale of the print. After a bit of experimenting with what my printer is capable of, I was able to get a print I was happy with. The figure cleaned up quite well after some sanding, however in future projects I will likely plan to print it in multiple parts to better hide the supports and reduce the cleanup time.

Software Used:   Zbrush   |   Maya   |   Substance Painter   |   Photoshop   |   Marmoset Toolbag

Tracer Figurine

I made this figure of Tracer from Overwatch to be 3D printed. After learning from my previous figure, I made the head and the body separate objects so they may be printed independently. As this was only intended to be used for 3D printing, I decided to keep it simple and color her using vertex colors instead of full textures like my other projects.

Software Used:   Zbrush   |   Maya   |   Marmoset Toolbag

Nessa Figurine

A figure of Nessa, the water gym leader from Pokemon Sword and Shield. This figure was designed to be 3D printed.

Software Used:   Zbrush   |   Maya   |   Marmoset Toolbag

Customizable Hi-Top Shoe

This shoe was created to be used in a character creator for a game. Because of this, I was careful to ensure every aspect of the shoe's materials were all easily modifiable through the use of blending layers. The colors, patterns, and materials can all be edited to the player's liking.

Software Used:   Zbrush   |   Maya   |   Substance Painter   |   Photoshop   |   Marmoset Toolbag

Sci-fi Undersuit - Real-Time

This is a suit I created for a sci-fi character to wear under armor or clothing. Because it was planned for use in a character creator I wanted to be sure it would hold up on its own still, as players can choose to pair it with any clothing items they would like. This was my first project using Substance Painter, so I had a lot of fun experimenting with what the program was capable of.

Software Used:   Zbrush   |   Maya   |   Substance Painter   |   Photoshop   |   xNormal   |   Marmoset Toolbag

Character Sculpt

This character was designed to be used as a base model for a character creator in a video game. In order to make the character as customizable as possible, I wanted to make sure each article of clothing was fully modeled and completely independant from any other piece. This will allow the player to remove or swap each piece of clothing without any concern of them revealing anything unexpected.

Software Used:   Zbrush   |   Maya   |   Marmoset Toolbag

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My name is Brandon Shirk. I am a 3d artist currently living in Texas. I have a strong passion for texturing, digital sculpting, and modeling. My primary focus has been in creating realistic, high quality assets for use in real-time rendering. I am proficient in creating both high poly and low poly assets for games. I have experience with both hard surface and organic modeling.

Thank you for your time!

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Maya   |   Zbrush   |   Substance Painter   |   Photoshop   |   Unreal Engine   |   Unity   |   Marmoset Toolbag   |   xNormal


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